Starting a blog is easy

I began by purchasing a domain name. I’ll be honest, I settled a bit because I was overzealous. When I got home and told my wife Heather, she found a site that only cost a third of the price. So I transferred the domain name to the new site. We got the boys to bed and I called the first provider to cancel. They said I needed the internet so I went back downstairs. The internet wasn’t working. As I was about to gently rip the modem out of the wall, Heather called for me. Her smile worked like ice water and I forgot about the modem.

Our boys, two and four, found a tub of Vaseline after we put them to bed. Heather had cleaned most of it off their faces and out from between their fingers but their foreheads were still glossy in the moonlight. Sam’s sheet and pillow case looked like a couple of oil rags. After collecting the greased laundry and changing a diaper, I was back downstairs to finish starting a blog. When I got a hold of the people to cancel my original domain request I was informed I was not allowed to transfer a domain name for sixty days. I would have known that but I only read the end of the terms and conditions (the part next to the little check box).

I cancelled everything and started over the next day. The second time I started the blog things went better. So here we are. Next blog I will write about why I decided to blog in the first place.

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