On cleaning toilets

I have had a lot of jobs. My first job was cleaning toilets at my church. Most of my jobs since then have felt the same. What I mean is they have felt mundane and unimportant.

Let me start by saying that cleaning toilets is not unimportant. Can you imagine if someone was not doing the dirty work of keeping a place clean? But it feels unimportant when you are doing it. The question is are we okay with being unimportant? Can we handle mundane? Or are we above all that? If we believe we are above it, we probably never will be.

I hate cleaning toilets. But I could scream my distain and it wouldn’t make a difference. I could find other people who hate cleaning toilets and we could stand around drinking gallons of coffee complaining about toilets and nothing would change.

Or I could embrace toilet cleaning and see it for the vital opportunity it is. Cleaning toilets builds character far more than success. And the truth is we can’t handle success if we don’t have character.

So my advice: Buy a toilet brush and carry it with you or keep it on your desk (I have one on mine – true story). Remind yourself why you are cleaning toilets and one day you won’t be.

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