How to make an arrow

I had this small bow that I recently passed on the boys (bow as in bow and arrow not bow as in hair bow). They think it is really cool. The problem is, there are no arrows for the bow. I don’t know what happened to them. I probably shot them into the swamp as a kid.

Anyway, today we did what anyone would do if they had a bow with no arrows – we made some arrows.

There are actually many different ways to make an arrow. My way only reqires a small file. You just break off a straight branch, peel off the leaves and file a notch in one end. These arrows work fine if your only goal is to get a stick to fly through the air. And that was our goal.

If the goal changes and we decide it is important for the arrow to actually hit something like a target or a Grizzly Bear, we will need to find a more sophisticated technique.

This reminded me that the quality of a tool reflects its purpose. If a tool is intended to do amazing things, the maker will take more care in creating that tool. Now according to the Bible, we are created to be sons and daughters of God. We are supposed to be capible of praying a mountain into the sea and of representing the Lord Jesus on earth. That seems like an important job – which makes me think that God probably took care in making us.

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